Welcome to Your Brain Fitness Center

We have been providing Neurofeedback Therapy, also known as EEG Biofeedback, to address brain function since 2000. This brainwave-based treatment is rapidly becoming a supportive therapy in the mental health, peak performance, and addiction fields.

'Biofeedback for the Brain' is a process that supports the achievement of a quiet mind: a mind that is absent of fear, rumination, and busy-ness. This brain fitness tool addresses the brain's energy as represented in the electroencephalogram (EEG). The EEG energy is measured in brainwave frequencies (speeds) and these frequencies correspond to one's emotional and thinking states.

Your Brain Fitness Center uses neurofeedback to improve brain functions and emotional regulation. Sleep, anxiety, impulse control, focus, and mood are common benefits from a course of brainwave training. Persons in recovery from substance abuse also find neurofeedback to be an effective, supportive treatment. We use this therapy to address PTSD, concussions, and Attachment Disorders, as well.

Marianne Becker also offers family therapy and psychotherapy sessions. She is skilled in various therapy modalities such as EMDR, EFT, attachment therapy, guided visualization, and meditation. Ms. Becker is a certified interventionist and often supports families in need of these services.

Neurofeedback addresses:




Attachment Issues




Early Trauma


Mood Disorders


Sleep Issues

"What is Neurotherapy?"

In this short video, Board Certified Neurotherapist, Martin Brink, explains what neurotherapy is, who it helps, and why we should use it.


"Neurofeedback was an important therapy in helping me recover from drugs and alcohol addiction. Ms. Becker also used guided imagery and helped me to develop a meditation practice."
Male, 30 years of drug and alcohol addiction

"For 10 years, we searched for a therapy to help my son's impulsivity, anger, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD. Since starting neurofeedback with Ms. Becker, he has improved in all these areas."
Mother of a 15-year old

"I am amazed how the neurotherapy and attachment therapy from Ms. Becker has helped my daughter's PTSD and attachment issues. She is now less defiant, calmer, and more loving."
Adoptive mother of a 12-year old

"I was having five migraines a month and tried several medications. After a few neurofeedback sessions, I noticed significant improvement in the number and intensity of my headaches, and as a bonus, I started sleeping through the night."
53-year old female

"My daughter was cutting herself and, even though we hospitalized her for this on two occasions, she continued. After several neurofeedback and therapy sessions with Ms. Becker two years ago, she stopped cutting herself and has not cut again."
Mother of a 13-year old female

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